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Joe S.

My name is Joe, I’m a Free Software enthusiast and GNU/Linux user.

This site was developed using GNU Emacs This site is best viewable with a Free browser. For suggestions emails me. Please dont send me HTML mail. I get too much of spam., hence add a proper Subject to your mails. Also dont send me Micro$oft Word attachments. Why?

In these pages

Personal: About me, Pictures, Public key
On Emacs: Generally using Emacs, Planner
Interested areas: Microkernel architecture, Mexokernel
Events: FStival, The Free Software Festival


To contact me, email me. Thats the best way to contact me. But please add a proper subject., or your message might get ignored. :S I hate HTML mail If you regularly send formatted email, or if you do not know what I’m talking about, you should read this.

This site

This site is generated from Emacs using Planner.el. I use planner to organize my day and activities. I keep a constant log of all the work that I do. This site contains that log. This site also contains a Blosxom generated part where I publish articles on various topics. Using the calendar, one can see what I’ve been upto everyday. :)