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i3wm cheat sheet

Tiling window manager for GNU/Linux and BSD

i3 shortcuts

Moving Around

Shortcut Use
$mod Enter Open new Terminal
$mod ( j / ← ) Focus left
$mod ( k / ↓ ) Focus down
$mod ( l / ↑ ) Focus up
$mod ( ; / → ) Focus right
$mod Shift ( j / ← ) Move window left
$mod Shift ( k / ↓ ) Move window down
$mod Shift ( l / ↑ ) Move window up
$mod Shift ( ; / → ) Move window right
$mod Shift, q Kill a window
$mod Shift Move window to another workspace

Changing Container Modes

Shortcut Use
$mod e Default
$mod h Stacking
$mod w Tabbed
$mod Shift, f Global fullscreen
$mod f Toggle fullscreen
$mod Shift, Space Toggle floating
$mod Drag floating

Opening Other Application

Shortcut Use
$mod d Open application launcher (dmenu)

Using Workspaces

Shortcut Use
$mod Shift, r Restart i3 inplace
$mod Switch to workspace num

Exiting i3

Shortcut Use
$mod Shift, e Exit i3


  • i3lock: locks screen